Over the past decade the Vox Concert Series has worked to create a space where people within the community can experience live music, not just hear it. The original idea behind the concert series? Create a room within the community that could transform to host rock bands, blues, bluegrass, jazz, singer/songwriters, classical music, kids shows and even comedy acts!

Why do we host Vox concert events in Marshfield? Our aim is to provide a place in the community where they could experience culture more typical of a larger city without having to take the time, risk the weather, or incur the travel expense (gas, food, hotel, etc.) of going to a larger metropolitan area. Not to mention the challenge of making arrangements for the kids when taking those trips.

We work very hard to make Vox an exceptional place to experience a concert – with intimate performances, crystal-clear sound, and without a bad seat in the room. Vox has been transforming Wildwood Station Pavilion into our 250-seat capacity listening room since 2008. Vox concert events held at Wildwood Station include a reserved seating option, offering an up-front view of the stage and a table to set your drink. General admission seating will also be available.

Ticket Policy


All tickets are sold via Crowd Torch. All ticket purchases carry a transaction fee. This fee will be added onto tickets purchased online during completion of the transaction and is included in the price of tickets purchased at the door.

Please note that the ticket policies vary by the event and are posted on that event page. Please read these policies prior to purchasing your tickets.

Our staff work to create an experience with music that is satisfying, meaningful, but most of all, inspiring. We carefully pick and choose artists that have passion and drive to touch an audience, rather than just perform for them. Vox is considered a boutique platform for artists to display their own personal portfolios in an intimate setting. This allows for an exciting experience that comfortably serves a personal connection for both the artist as well as the audience.

We believe in consistently presenting great musicians, a great experience to those that attend, and doing so at the lowest price we can. Hosting concert events requires a considerable amount of time, effort, investment, and overhead costs to do so properly and remain viable over the long term. That being said, we are not the Wal-Mart or Costco of music and believe that musicians (and those working to make the event possible) deserve to be paid a fair wage for their time and effort.

We do not Vox because we are trying to get rich, but rather because we love music and want to share it with the community in which we live. Our event ticket pricing is done to ensure that we can continue offering entertainment in Central Wisconsin for years to come!

  • Will Call

    Vox does not offer a Will Call service, but can provide check in at the door for all advance tickets purchased online with a Valid Photo ID & the credit card used to purchase the ticket.

  • Ticket Fraud

    Vox Concert Series is not responsible for tickets sold via Craigslist, eBay, StubHub, Facebook and other similar websites. Once a ticket is scanned at the door duplicates are automatically rejected. We do not advise buying a photocopy of a print at home ticket. This is the one of the easiest frauds. The best place to purchase advance tickets is via our website.

  • Lost/Damaged Tickets

    If you have lost or damaged your tickets, please call box office during the stated hours.

  • Refunds

    Tickets purchased are done so for the date of the event. No Refunds are granted on ticket purchases unless the headliner cancels the show and cannot be replaced. Although rare, line ups are subject to change without notice. Ticket exchanges are prohibited, no exceptions. If you are unable to attend the show and would like to sell your ticket, you may consider Craigslist, however duplicate tickets will be rejected at the door. Any refunds for canceled shows will be issued as credit on Vox Concert Series gift cards and mailed to ticket holders.

Venue Information

  • What is Vox Concert Series?

    Vox Concert Series is Marshfield, Wisconsin’s premier entertainment venue, offering national and regionally touring acts in an intimate setting. Our goal is to provide a quality, exceptional concert experience to every guest who enters our door as well as every act which graces our stage. We’re keenly focused on becoming one of the best listening rooms in the United States.

  • Where is Vox Concert Series events held?

    Vox concert events are held at Wildwood Station Pavilion located at 1800 S. Roddis Ave in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Our outdoor summer concerts series is held at Columbia Park Band Shell found at 201 W Arnold St in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Conveniently situated in the heart of Central Wisconsin, our events are within short walking distance of some of Marshfield’s best dining, hotels, nightlife, and outdoor opportunities. You can view a map of our location on the Contact page.

  • Who are these musicians?

    Since our first event in 2005, Vox has hosted more than 200 events within the community, including partnerships with charity fundraisers, currently averaging 35+ events per year. We feature high quality, recognizable acts such as Sam Llanas (formerly of the BoDeans), Tony Lucca (finalist on NBC’s The Voice), Matt White (featured performer on The Bachelorette), and Tyler Hilton (musician and movie/television actor: Walk the Line, One Tree Hill) to name a few. In addition to more famous names, we aspire to provide local musicians, very talented emerging musicians from Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, and musicians from various other countries (New Zealand, Canada, England, Finland) a welcoming stage in Central Wisconsin. Many of the new musicians that emerge on radio and television have to play somewhere and hone their craft before “breaking out”. We strive to make one of those locations our stage in Marshfield, Wisconsin!

  • What is the LoyalBlocks program?

    LoyalBlocks is our smartphone based VIP / Rewards program for our power user! Sign up for your chance to gain access to discounted ticket offers, opportunities to earn free tickets, merchandise discounts, early access to select concert events, and chances to win many other things (like Visa Gift Cards, Vox Concert Series Gift Cards, & Gift Cards good at some of our fine sponsoring businesses). Attend events and check in to our loyalty club through LoyalBlocks!

    1. Download the LoyalBlocks App on Your Smartphone (Available for Android devices & iPhones only)
    2. Join Vox Concert Series Loyalty Club
    3. Connect with Facebook to get even more rewards direct to your phone & entered into monthly drawings.
    4. Attend concert events to earn rewards!

  • What time do events start / how long do they run?

    Doors typically open around 6:30pm (between 30 to 60 minutes) prior to the start time of the show. Sometimes a line starts to form between 6:15-6:30pm. If weather is inclement, we may try open doors earlier to allow our guests to get inside. Unless there is a reason to, we don't give our artists a curfew and prefer to let them go wherever the night may take them. Events at Wildwood Stations Pavilion typically are wrapped up between 9:30-10:00pm; but it's generally a safe bet to assume a show will be over roughly 2-2.5 hours after the posted start time.

  • Are there age restrictions on any of your shows?

    We do not impose specific age restrictions for our shows, but this may change on an event specific basis. We recommend that parents use discretion based on the specific nature of the event you are interested to determine whether bringing children are appropriate. Children, like any other person attending the concert, must have a ticket purchased for that specific event. The age restrictions to each show vary and are dictated by each artist's contract. It is Vox Concert Series' responsibility to uphold the restrictions set forth by the contract and we do not allow any exceptions. Anyone 17 and under attending an ALL AGES show or any Meet & Greet opportunities MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian that is 21 or older. For ALL shows, anyone 18 & older must present a VALID PHOTO ID to enter the venue. No one UNDER 18 is allowed into an 18 & over show. No exceptions. An expired license or passport is NOT considered valid and cannot be accepted. Please make sure to have your ticket & Valid Photo ID prior to arriving at the venue for a seamless experience.

  • What do I need to bring with me to a show?

    Please verify the age restrictions of the show via the event listing, prior to purchasing the tickets as to avoid any disappointment the day of an event. A Valid Photo ID may be required to enter the venue. An expired license or passport is NOT considered valid and cannot be accepted. Please make sure to have your ticket & Valid Photo ID prior to arriving at the venue in case it is needed.

  • What is Vox Concert Series’ Photo, Audio, or Video policy?

    Vox Concert Series asks that you please leave all Pro-Rig and DSLR cameras at home unless you have been granted a pre-approved Photo pass from the venue or artist prior to the show. Point & Shoot cameras that fit in your pocket only are allowed, No detachable lens. The Photo, Audio, & Video policy will vary by the show depending on the artist's contract restrictions, so as a rule they are prohibited unless granted pre-approval. You can inquire about individual show policies via info@voxconcertseries.com to request permission.

  • What kinds of concessions are available?

    We do offer a variety of sodas, bottled water, iced coffee, chips, and candy available at each event. Please consider patronizing our snack counter, as profits from this event are directly reinvested into maintaining and upgrading our stage and lighting equipment.

    There are also plenty of great restaurants within a few blocks of the venue. Please visit the Marshfield section of our website for more information. Pre-ordered meals from area restaurants and small picnic baskets with cheese/sausage/crackers may also be carried in. Please be mindful of others that are seated around you when carrying in items.

  • BYOB, Seriously?

    We charge a little more for our tickets and instead, allow our concert goers to carry in their own beverages to most concert events. This may vary dependent upon the specific nature of the event, so please be sure to read each specific event for details.

  • What form of payment do you accept?

    Tickets, merchandise, and concessions can be paid for using these major credit cards: Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. No checks accepted. But there’s always cash!

  • Are you ADA compliant?

    Wildwood Station Pavilion is ADA accessible and ADA compliant.

  • Um, this is great! How can I help out at Vox?

    The Vox Concert Series is always looking for individuals who can contribute to successfully making Marshfield a leading music destination. The biggest (and easiest) thing that anyone can do to help out is spread the word about the concert series and upcoming events.

    We are always on the lookout for volunteers and staff that that can be team players. If you would like to share your expertise and are interested in joining the team, please inquire at info@voxconcertseries.com for more information.

  • How can I perform at a Vox Concert Series event?

    There are many factors that go into the booking for The Vox Concert Series. We're happy to take a look at what you do and see if it might be a good fit. Please email info@voxconcertseries.com with links to websites where your music can be heard, and information about where you've played, what tickets cost, and how many people came. We receive many submissions per week and listen to them all, please allow for sufficient time for consideration if a touring musician. Please no phone calls or unscheduled visits.

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“The Vox Concert Series is a real treasure. As a touring musician, we look forward to audiences that truly appreciate what we do, and we love people that love music. The fact that something this big happens in a relatively small town makes it all the more amazing. I wish there were 100 more cities like Marshfield across the country. Hope to see the series grow and prosper for many years to come.”

- -Ernie Halter
Nashville, TN